Buy List

Buy List Rules:

  1. Please submit all buy lists to
  2. Seller is responsible for all shipping charges to The Nerd Merchant
  3. Upon receipt, products will be inspected for condition and may be rejected if overly used
  4. Notification of acceptance will be done within 48 hours of receipt
  5. Cash buys will be paid out via PayPal as good and services
  6. Credit purchases will be offered via electronic gift card (good at only)

Funko Pop! Vinyl

Funko Prices are based off the current value as listed at Pop Price Guide. Due to many local stores no longer buying, we will only be taking select collections as we have a long list of people interested in selling.

 Type Cash (up to) Credit (up to)
Excellent Condition 30% 40%
Good Condition N/A N/A

TCG Collections

Collections are generally considered lots of over 1,000 cards. These should include a mix of rarities and not be picked through and void of rares. Each collection will have to be viewed and valued individually. 

Game Cash / Credit
Harry Potter TCG Contact Us
Kingdom Hearts TCG Contact Us
Rage CCG Contact Us
Star Trek CCG Contact Us
Star Wars CCG Contact Us
Tomb Raider TCG Contact Us
World of Warcraft TCG Contact Us


Dead CCG Buy List

Dead CCG Buy List File (updated January 1, 2024)