Frequently Asked Questions

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Let's face it, most of our items are small and sometimes that means shipping can seem really expensive. All of our shipping rates are calculated at check-out based on weight of the included items plus the weight of packaging needed. For most small items that means shipping 5-10 items is the same or very minimally more than shipping just 1. 

In addition, we only ship via methods that allow us to give you a tracking number. Most of our lightweight items can ship via regular first class mail for less, but leaves both us and our customers at a loss if something were to go missing. 

Yes, we do.

While we do ship worldwide, there are a few things to keep in mind.

  1. Most USPS tracking is good until it gets to the destination country. Once there, it is up to your local country to update the information. If you want to guarantee tracking all the way to your home/business outside of the US, then you will need to use USPS Priority Mail Express International, UPS, or DHL.
  2. Many foreign banks do not participate with the US Credit Card network when it comes to address and card validation, thus you may need to use PayPal in order to check out successfully.
  3. Orders will be sent with the net value of the order (prior to shipping) as the declared value. If there are additional import fees or VAT needed at receipt, they are not included in the cost of the shipping.

Most orders are shipped by the next business day. USPS packages are picked up daily, typically by noon. Thus, most orders placed on a business day by 10 am (Central US time) with USPS delivery will go out the same day and orders after that will be the following business day.

Order placed with UPS or DHL shipping can often go out the same day if placed as late as 2 pm (Central US time).

Trading Cards

We attempt to sell only cards in Near Mint condition. While many have been taken straight from the pack and put into stock at some point in time or other, there are also many that have been acquired through individuals or other dealers. For Near Mint condition, they may have some minor scuffing or a small amount of edge wear.

Any rare cards we have that do not meet our condition guidelines are batched up and sold in lots (generally through eBay auctions). More common cards in played condition are generally recycled. If you are curious about cards that may be in more of a played condition, please contact us and we can let you know if we have any or may have any in the future.

Since we only carry dead card games, this is a difficult question to answer. We obviously don't have the option to go get more product form a distributor and open up new boxes to get stock back in. We are at the mercy of others wanting to sell their cards before something comes back in stock. 

There are too many cards and requests to "let you know" when we get something. The list would be too large to manage and software to do that charges monthly based on the number of people who signed up, not on how many people actually get notified, which makes it very expensive for us.

The best way to keep up to date is to follow us on social media (we are on both Facebook and Instagram). We always post to followers there when we get a new collection of a game to add to our stock.